Yegor Gaidar Award 2019

Rewarding Professor Karl-Heinz Paque
Gaidar Award

Церемония вручения премии


On the 15th of November, Professor Karl-Heinz Paque, chairman of Friedrich Naumann Foundation Board, received the Yegor Gaidar Award For Outstanding Contribution in Developing International Humanitarian Relations with Russia. The award was conferred by Demyan Kudryavtsev, the owner of Vedomosti newspaper.

Gaidar Award

Церемония вручения премии: Демьян Кудрявцев (слева), Карл-Хайнц Паке, Анна Боганькова (переводчик)

It is a great honor both for professor Paque personally and for the Friedrich Naumann Foundation to receive this award. It is a very high appreciation of the work that the foundation is doing in Russia – ‘building humanitarian relations across borders’. In his speech  Karl-Heinz Paque underlined, “Our annual Gaidar-Naumann joint forum held for more than six years is one of the elements that helped me facilitate strengthening relations between EU and Russia. Indeed I continue […] discussing with you, our liberal friends in Russia, many urgent issues on different platforms ranging from Berlin to Siberia”. Some time ago professor Paque was an economic editor of a German publication of Yegor Gaidar’s book Collapse of an Empire. He learnt “clarity and analytical depth” from Yegor Gaidar, highly appreciated “Gaidar’s commitment to freedom and personal responsibility.”

Gaidar Award

Let’s continue doing everything possible to overcome growing nationalism, protectionism and isolation through dialogue but with clarity and analytical depth of Yegor Gaidar!”

Gaidar Award
Professor Karl-Heinz Paque

Traditionally the Yegor Gaidar Award has four nominations. The award For Outstanding Contribution in History Studies was given to Oleg Khlevnyuk, one of the leading scholars of Stalinism history. Abel Aganbegyan, one of the leading  Russian researchers of Russia’s socio-economic development during Perestroyka and free market reforms, was a winner of the award For Outstanding Contribution in Economics. Two projects competed for the award For Actions Promoting the Civil Society - Sandarmokh and Dissernet. The jury chose Sandarmokh. Conferring this award Konstantin Raykin noted that despite all the odds he is an optimist. Karl-Heinz Paque joined his optimistic comments by saying, “Only liberals can be optimists.”

In his conclusive remarks professor Paque quoted Alexander Pushkin, ”Person’s self-identity is his pledge of greatness”, and he added, “in such time like today freedom and responsibility must return to the international arena.” We shall act only “through dialogue”.

For more information about the Yegor Gaidar Award go to the Yegor Gaidar Foundation website