Our Work
Our Work


About Us

Romania became part of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Southeast Europe’s sub-region in the early 1990s. The regional SEE office was already established 1999 in Bucharest when in 2006, the entire central coordination of FNF’s work was moved to Sofia. In 2014 FNF re-opened a bureau for Romania and its sister-country Republic of Moldova in Bucharest. Starting 2019 the FNF Office for Romania and Moldova functions as an independent project with its headquarter based in Bucharest. In over 20 years of ceaseless activity, the FNF has worked with all the local liberal parties, forces and NGO’s, and by doing so, made thousands of young people interested in liberalism. Today the main political partner is the USRPLUS party. The FNF is also in contact with all the local NGO’s who fight for the ideal of freedom.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make liberal values known through projects and multidimensional activities in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova and to support all liberal forces and movements that fight for freedom.

Our Activities

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Publications
  • Web-based virtual learning opportunities
  • Regional and international dialogue events and research activities.

With our activities, we aim to ...

  • strengthen the liberal youth and the women’s movement, both inside and outside of political and apolitical organizations
  • promote the fight against corruption and the transparency
  • promote the press freedom and protect human rights especially the LGBTIQ-rights
  • develop a digital agenda through administrative reform projects
  • strengthen national and international cooperation by expanding our network.
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