Global Citizen Dialogue
GCD Talk concert: Climate Crisis and Circular Economy

2023 Global Citizen Dialogue - Let's Take an Action
The speaker and the moderator

(Left) Moderator Kim Tae-Hyun, Team Leader of eNtoB; (Right) Panel Kim Jeong-Bin, the CEO of SuperBin

The third installment of the 2023 Global Citizen Dialogue(GCD): Let’s Take an Action! unfolded at the POSCO Center Art Hall in Seoul on November 28, 2023. The event focused on the critical issues of the climate crisis and circular economy, featuring insightful discussions with an industry expert as a panel. This program aimed to illuminate sustainable solutions and individual actions to address the pressing challenges of our time.

The event was opened by the moderator of the event, Kim, Tae-Hyun, Team Leader of eNtoB. Following the opening, a panel Interview was conducted with Kim Jeong-Bin, the CEO of SuperBin, a Korean startup dedicated to making waste recycling and reuse more efficient and profitable.

Kim Jeong-Bin introduced his company and shared insights into the company's mission and innovative approaches. He introduced Nephron, highlighting SuperBin’s utilization of robotics to enhance waste recycling efficiency. Nephron, an AI-driven robot developed by Superbin, facilitates the recognition of recyclable materials and has pioneered the world's first market where individuals can sell recyclables. It trades with people who bring waste, sorting and collecting circular resources, and compensating individuals monetarily for their contributions.

picture of nephron machines

Nephron Robots

© SuperBin

The talk explored the concept of resource circulation and the circular economy, differentiating it from the linear economy and emphasizing its role in transforming industrial rules within the supply chain. Kim also discussed his journey into waste management, the inception of SuperBin, and the importance of individual responsibility in waste reduction. 

After the panel talk, an interactive O/X Quiz tested participants' understanding of the circular economy, highlighting its potential in mitigating climate change and the necessity of related regulations and personal efforts. A dynamic discussion session followed, where students from 14 different countries shared perspectives on their countries' most pressing environmental issues. The dialogue underscored the importance of individuals driving change within organizations and policies, emphasizing the collective responsibility towards a sustainable future.

The third and final event of 2023 GCD on "Climate Crisis and Circular Economy" provided a platform for thought-provoking discussions, valuable insights from industry leaders, and engaging audience interactions. The series will continue to inspire a global community to take action towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future in the coming years.

*Lin Choi is the Program & Communications Officer of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Korea office.

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