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2022 FNF-KLID Seminar on 'Examples of digital transformation of local governments'

The third seminar of 2022 FNF-KLID Seminar series on Digital Transformation
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FNF Korea and its partner Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute (KLID) held a seminar on digital transformation at the Seminar room, ENA Suite Hotel in Seoul on July 13th, 2022.

Following the success of the last year's joint online seminar series on Living Lab specifically targeted at local government officials, this year, FNF Korea and KLID held the seminar series with a theme of "Digital Transformation". This series aims to strengthen the capabilities of local governments and related institutions in digital transformation by sharing digital transformation knowledge with local government officials.

This was the third seminar in the seminar series following the second one in May. This time it was held under the theme 'Examples of digital transformation of local governments'.

The seminar consisted of two presentations from the city officials of Seoul. The first speaker was Jeong-seok Oh, a Traffic Operation Division Supervisor at the City Traffic Office of Seoul City. In his presentation under the title "Digital public service that accompanies the public", Oh showed a couple of previous public policy cases of Seoul City regarding digitalization. He pointed out that the public offices and their officials need to communicate more and see through citizens' perspectives in policy development.

A second presentation was given by Dong-hyun Lim, Smart City Division Smart City Service Team Supervisor at Seocho-gu Office in Seoul City. Under the title "Local government data operation direction for digital transformation", the presentation points out that digital transformation isn't just about the usage of digital data; it needs to be viewed from a multi-faceted perspective of acquiring, utilizing and operating existing data. Lim demonstrated in which direction the data operation at the local government should be headed with plenty of interesting examples, including AIoT Pen and intelligent CCTVs.

Research professor Min-Jung Oh from Sungkyunkwan University moderated a Q&A session at the end of the seminar. The fourth seminar, which will be the last one of this year, will be held in September.

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