The Beirut Office
Our Work


The Friedrich Naumann Foundation Beirut Office is focused on Lebanon. Regional and local turmoil makes the work of the foundation in this country challenging, forcing our office in Beirut to constantly adapt to new social and political changes.In Lebanon, our main objective is to support Lebanese start-ups, civil society organizations and liberal political parties. Start-ups are particularly important for our work in Lebanon as they state an expression of the liberal idea regarding economy and competition. They mainly consist of young individuals with progressive ideas who are willing to take a risk in order to contribute towards a more advanced society. Their activities in the field of politics are often hard to realize due to financial shortcomings. We at FNF support these progressive ideas in their strive towards a more liberal society.

Our Principles and Orgins

The “Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom” (FNF) proudly looks back on a long history of changes and challenges. It was founded in the Villa Hammerschmidt in Bonn by Theodor Heuss, Walter Erbe, Paul Luchtenberg, Reinhold Maier and Hans Wolfgang Rubin on the 19th May, 1958, and named after the libertarian politician Friedrich Naumann. From its establishment until now, the foundation grew constantly and became a globally-operating NGO. In April 2007, the foundation's name was extended with the addition of the words “for Freedom”, to underline the new concept of “Marketing for Freedom” worldwide. Today, the label “for Freedom” is widely associated with successful projects. 

Based on liberalism, the underlying principle of the foundation´s political activity, FNF is engaged in political education in both Germany and abroad. With our activities and publications, we help people to exercise their rights of political participation. We also provide scholarships for talented individuals. Our headquarters is located in the city of Potsdam and we maintain offices all over Germany together with project offices in over 60 countries worldwide. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation is the open laboratory of freedom and a global liberal think-tank. With over 200 employees, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is the biggest liberal NGO worldwide with a comprehensive network of partners, experts and volunteers.

Our Vision

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is a creative platform for innovation, with the aim of enhancing the popularity of liberalism.

Our Mission

Our activities target for individuals who share our core principles on liberalism. We advise, motivate and inspire relevant stakeholders and create, shape and market the ideas of tomorrow. We are a proud creative think-tank of liberal politics.