Turkey-Greece Journalists’ Dialogue

Turkish-Greek Journalist Dialogue Meeting
© Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

The First Turkish-Greek Journalist Dialogue Meeting, organized by the Media and Legal Studies Association (MLSA) and its Athens-based partner Foreign Media Association with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF), brought together media representatives from both countries.

During the meeting, which took place between November 5-7, journalists from Turkey and Greece discussed ways to strengthen cooperation based on professional integrity and mutual understanding. The participants united around a joint declaration to break down the labels and stereotypes that exist in the media ecosystems of Turkey and Greece and to promote balanced journalism. The meeting also resulted in important decisions to combat misinformation and fake news and to provide better quality information.

Following this meeting, the journalists aim to establish a network to promote cross-border journalism and develop the media community. This joint declaration, signed in Athens on November 7, 2023, also underlines the commitment of the journalism profession to uphold standards and improve public discourse.