Civil Society
Partner Capacity Building: Navigation a Polarized Society

Capacity Building with Partners
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As FNF Türkiye, we organized our annual partner capacity building workshop in İğneada, Kırklareli this year. Our partners working in a wide range of fields of civil society came together for three days. During this workshop, we discussed how to build social trust in a polarized environment. We had Sven Gerst, former Secretary General of IFLYR, as our trainer during this event where we went over the events we organized with our partners throughout the year.

Throughout the program, we talked about what social trust is, how social trust can be strengthened, and how civil society can improve social trust. We had deep discussions on how we can reach the segments of society that civil society cannot reach, and at the same time, how our work can be reflected to different segments of society.

During these three days of work, both our partners explored business opportunities with each other and we had the opportunity to analyze how our work as FNF Türkiye is received by our partners and how it can be improved.