Entrepreneurship and Female Empowerment
Female leadership in the spotlight: Tunisia 2023 Women Entrepreneurs redefine excellence

Femmes Entrpreneures de Tunisie 2023

The ceremony for the 8th edition of the ´Trophées de Femmes Entrepreneures de Tunisie´ was held on Thursday June 1. The theme was inclusion and sustainability.

Ms.Yosra Tahri was voted Tunisia's Woman Entrepreneur of the Year and all the lucky winners received their prizes, each in their own category:

  • Dr Insaf Akkari, co-founder of Vets, winner of the services trophy,
  • Ms. Sabrine Ibrahim, co-founder of Class Quiz, winner of the tech trophy
  • Ms. Wissal Fehmi, founder of the "Son de blé" cookie factory, winner of the craftsmanship trophy
  • Ms. Samiha Daouthi, founder of Sabra Snail, winner of the green, social and sustainable trophy
  • Ms. Wafa Gabsi Takali, founder of Archivart, winner of the culture trophy
  • Ms. Yosra Tahri, founder of XPRO, winner of the agribusiness trophy
  • Ms. Sandra Allegue, founder of Shab Kids, winner of the industry trophy
  • Ms. Dhouha Azri, founder of Thagamuta Agro, winner of the microfinance trophy
  • Student Ms. Emna Bouassida, winner of the nuggets of tomorrow trophy

There were a number of new features at this year's event, including two new categories: Microfinance and Green, Social and Sustainable. The latter rewards and encourages entrepreneurs who produce products or solutions that help to adapt to or mitigate climate change.  Another non-competitive category has also been added, called Pépites de demain, to recognize female student entrepreneurs. The aim of this initiative is to give visibility to female student entrepreneurs who are developing innovative, high-impact solutions, and to encourage them to launch their projects.

All winners will benefit from a connection with the ´Réseau des femmes d'affaires du Québec´ thanks to the collaboration of the RFAQ's ambassador to the French-speaking world, based in Tunis, in addition to cash prizes and support from the RedStart gas pedal.

The ´Femmes Entrepreneures de Tunisie´ competition is organized by Managers magazine and supported by the Friedrich-Naumann Foundation for Freedom Tunisia and Liby office.