Reshape Europe
Navigating Afro-Euro Realities in the Virtual Sphere

Traverse through recognisable European cities, commencing in Athens and concluding in Brussels
Unity Rift

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Embarking on a visionary quest, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation introduces an innovative initiative titled "Unity Rift: Exploring Afro-Euro Realities in Virtual Space," aligned under the rallying call of #ReshapeEurope. This groundbreaking endeavour aims to invigorate Europe's resilience and assertiveness in countering global threats to freedom. With a focus on fortifying the European model of open, democratic societies, this project seeks to revitalise the continent's dynamism and creative prowess, both within its boundaries and beyond.

Central to this mission is the realisation that Europe's inherent strength lies in its ability to overcome challenges, making the European Union an exemplar of the supremacy of free and democratic societies. However, this endeavour extends beyond introspection; it necessitates the cultivation of strong partnerships with nations and regions worldwide. The goal is to prevent the dominance of conflicting ideologies and values, which are at odds with the EU's foundational principles of liberalism and democracy.

Aiming to secure a future where freedom thrives, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation extends its focus to Sub-Saharan Africa, envisioning a 5-step virtual reality odyssey that guides participants through critical scenarios. Through an interactive journey, users traverse recognisable European cities, commencing in Athens, moving through Rome, Paris, Berlin, and culminating in the heart of European decision-making - Brussels.

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In this adventure, you'll journey through five scenarios set in well-known European cities, starting in Athens, then moving on to Rome, Paris, Berlin, and finally concluding at the heart of European decision-making in Brussels. To successfully reach the final city, you need to choose the most progressive option out of three available solutions for each scenario. These scenarios cover topics like immigration, climate change, economic cooperation, equal partnerships, and peace and security.

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At each stage of this virtual voyage, users encounter pivotal questions that probe potential approaches for the EU to strengthen its engagement with Africa. These questions, three per scenario, reflect diverse perspectives, encouraging users to reflect and respond. Upon completing the 5-step scenario, users are evaluated based on their responses, with higher scores reflecting a more liberal outlook.

This immersive expedition mirrors a broader objective: to stimulate discourse, incite thought, and foster a deeper understanding of how the EU can reinforce its bonds with Sub-Saharan Africa. As users traverse the landscapes of both physical and digital realms, they gain insights into strategies for advancing collaboration, partnership, and mutual progress.

The journey begins amidst the historical grandeur of Athens, a city that symbolises the genesis of democracy and the birthplace of many fundamental ideals. From there, participants proceed to Rome, a testament to European cultural heritage, before navigating the elegant boulevards of Paris, a hub of artistic and intellectual exchange. Berlin's juxtaposition of history and modernity serves as a thought-provoking backdrop, leading to the climactic finale - Brussels, home to the European Parliament, representing the epicentre of European unity.

In this novel exploration, Unity Rift transcends geographical boundaries, enabling participants to traverse continents and engage with ideals. By unlocking a new realm of understanding through the power of virtual reality, this initiative sparks discussions, ignites creativity, and paves the way for a more interconnected, resilient, and harmonious world. As the Friedrich Naumann Foundation embarks on this ambitious odyssey, the quest for unity and shared values becomes an exhilarating reality, ushering in a future where Afro-Euro relations flourish and freedom prevails.