Tunes of Freedom - Musical Journey for a better and freer world

Authored by Asantha Kalyananda
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Technological innovations, scientific discoveries, and the expansion of knowledge are occurring regularly in academia and various fields of practice. The primary objective behind these developments is to enhance the quality of life for humanity. However, a critical question arises, are these significant ideas effectively disseminated to benefit the public? Are the true meanings of these concepts trickling down to the masses? This challenge is not exclusive to the hard sciences but also extends to the social sciences.

In the realm of political and sociological ideologies, liberals often encounter the challenge of ensuring widespread understanding and active engagement of these concepts among the general population. While individuals may have a basic awareness of liberal ideas, active engagement and a deep comprehension of these values are not always present. This extends to various aspects of liberal ideology and the situation holds true for liberal values as well.

Music, to build bridges...!

"Tunes of Freedom" is an initiative that strives to bridge the gap between liberal values and the wider population by engaging both the logical and creative aspects of thinking. By appealing to both the left and right brain hemispheres, it aims to foster a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of liberal ideologies.

“Where Words Fail, Music Speaks.”

Hans Christian Andersen

Music holds a special place in society, resonating deeply with people's hearts, often more so than abstract liberal concepts. Songs serve as a powerful medium for expressing human emotions and can also touch upon various social issues. In our project, we have selected popular songs from Sri Lankan culture and examined them through the lens of liberal values. Each song represents a specific liberal value and is performed by renowned artists. Through discussions, we review these songs, connecting them to relevant liberal principles. We believe that by leveraging the familiarity and appeal of songs and popular artists, we can capture people's attention and guide them on an intellectual journey that aligns with their passions and interests. We have carefully curated a diverse selection of songs representing various eras, styles, and languages to ensure broad appeal across different age and ethnic groups.

Format of Tunes of Freedom

Tunes of Freedom adopts a comprehensive and integrated format to effectively engage with people.  We began by hosting a musical evening, bringing together representatives from liberal groups and a selected audience. During this event, songs were performed and reviewed. The entire program was recorded and will be released on YouTube as a series of bite-sized content pieces, each representing a specific song and its corresponding value. Noteworthy quotes and intriguing moments will also be shared on social media platforms to stimulate further discussions. Additionally, we have planned to broadcast the program on a local television channel. The completed content capsules, comprising the songs and reviews, will serve as training tools and catalysts for ongoing debates and discussions surrounding liberal values.

Tunes of freedom – beyond the borders.

The world is diverse in terms of languages, cultures, and complex political and social landscapes. However, we firmly believe that individuals who aspire to a more open, free, and better society face similar challenges irrespective of their location. In light of this belief, we have placed our trust in the power of music. Music has the ability not only to touch the hearts and minds of people, educating them about important values, but also to unite like-minded individuals who share a common vision of a better world.

The overarching vision of Tunes of Freedom is to foster cross-cultural dialogue through the universal language of music. We extend an invitation to all regional offices and interest groups to join hands with us and adapt the Tunes of Freedom format within their own contexts. Together, we can create powerful connections and meaningful conversations that transcend boundaries and contribute to the collective pursuit of a more inclusive and progressive global community.

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Music is a universal language that permeates all diversity. It has the ability to share a message directly to the heart regardless of barriers of language, colour, ethnicity, nationality and any other differences one may find. FNF Sri Lanka proudly present Tunes of Freedom! A platform to share the message of liberalism to the hearts of the people through music.

We at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for freedom believe that #LiberalValues are fundamental for social cohesion and cooperation in Sri Lanka and around the world. #LiberalValuesFTW #Music #Freedom