Irakli Iagorashvili
Irakli Iagorashvili on on his experience with International Academy for Leadership (IAF)

Irakli iagortashvili

"During the period I attended the Theodore Heuss Academy (IAF) i received very useful experience and which I am sure will help me  to face many challenges in the future.The workshop consisted of interesting and more importantly diverse sets of activities. While participating I became acquainted with German politicians and policies at both federal and local levels specifically,  challenges they face, how they are presented and how they are put i work. During the activities I had a please meeting members of German "Free Democrats" Partyin Dusseldorf and Berlin. In addition to recieving an academic knowledge, I met people from different countries, different cultures and made new discoveries on a daily basis. Through our association I am sure that we shall be cooperating in the future to further promote our shared values and Freedom.