First Online School for Students Delivered from July 5 through July 10

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom was a partner of InLiberty in organizing the School of Ethics Return
Возвращение этики
© Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

For six days one hundred participants of the school were discussing theory and practice of ethics today. Topics of the discussion were various including coronavirus dilemmas, technology and ethics, ethics of dating applications, and many more.

The school was an experiment and it turned out to be quite successful. The participants were not together in the same classroom and usually, they are for such events however the organizers managed to create an atmosphere in which students felt comfortable and engaged. Evening sessions intended for socializing (they called them ‘smoking lounge’) finished much later than planned and often lasted beyond midnight.

Incidentally, due to the absence of a geographical location, the school was attended by students from twenty-nine cities and five countries.

This school was the first one in the series. By the end of this year, a few more will be organized. Follow announcements on websites and social media pages of InLiberty and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.