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What do Romanians think about same-sex marriage?

What do Romanians think about same-sex marriage?

This sociological research on what Romanians think about same-sex marriage was carried out in 2021 by Cult Market Research and The Street for the ACCEPT Association, with the financial support of FNF Romania.

The results are satisfying for the LGBTI community. They show that the public opinion in Romania has changed in the direction of becoming more open and tolerant upon same-sex marriages.

75% of Romanians consider that it is important to be treated with respect and treat others, including gay and lesbian persons, with respect.

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For the first time, there is a majority in an age segment between 18-34 years, that consider that all families should be protected by law in Romania, including same-sex parented families.

Other statistics and further results can be seen in this brochure.

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