Trans in Romania

Community, individual and legal experiences of transgender people in Romania
© Author: ACCEPT Association

For the first time in Romania, ACCEPT Association has documented the stories of transgender people in our country, for one year. In this category were included: trans women, trans men, non-binary people and agender people.

This report comprises three main sections: a quantitative research that analyzes the data obtained from the application of an online questionnaire on a sample of 123 trans people (aged between 16 and 60 years), a qualitative research that closely depicts essential levels in the lives of transgender people in Romania, and a legal research on relevant legislation and on court decisions regarding trans persons.

It highlights the major difficulties faced by transgender people, such as: marginalization and social stigma, negative reactions from the family, difficult procedures for changing civil status documents, expectations of others regarding gender identity and gender roles, discrimination at work, the difficulties of the transition process, the lack of certainty in access to justice, the socio-economic status that prevents access to specific medical services, the abuses suffered by trans people within the medical system, the avoidance of reproductive health services, depression and anxiety experienced by trans people, the very high risk of suicide and the feeling of social isolation.

Despite all the difficulties and obstacles, the idea that frequently emerged from the questionnaires, but also from the interviews, was that overcoming the doubts and feelings of shame, fear and guilt associated with the transition, meant a life-saving experience. Therefore, this report creates a framework for discussion in order to improve the living conditions of trans people.

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