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Champions of Change Gala, third edition, 2021
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There are 15 people in total, with different ages, different backgrounds, with a wide range of expertise in a great number of fields, but they are united by one great thing: each of them brings change for the better of the communities in which they live. These are the 15 CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE, nominated at the “Champions of Change” Gala 2021, organized by the Laboratory of Initiatives for Development (LID Moldova) in collaboration with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation  for Freedom (FNF), on Wednesday, September 22nd.

The purpose of the event, which is in its third edition this year, is to nominate and reward people with progressive ideas, outstanding initiatives and impactful actions, which undoubtedly contribute to the change everybody wishes to feel. 

The diversity of our champions is abundant, we have people working in the Non-Governmental field, we have people who create art and change their communities through art, we have people working in the Technology Industries, who bring social change through technologies. I am confident that in the Republic of Moldova there are many champions of change whom we hope to discover at the future editions of the "Champions of Change" Gala.

Igor Ciurea, LID Moldova
Igor Ciurea, President of LID Moldova

Champions of Change Team

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In the past three years at the “Champions of Change”, LID Moldova and FNF have nominated and awarded 45 Champions of Change.

We will not stop at this number. We will organize this event every year because it is important. Civil society is important to us, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, because you are the reason we exist. Because you, through what you each do in their place, changing things a little bit, contribute to the fact that people want to stay here, at home.

Raimar Wagner Author of Quote
Raimar Wagner, Project Director FNF Romania and Moldova

The 15 Winners of the 2021 Champions of Change Gala are:

  1. Dinu ȚURCANU, vice-rector for computerization, relationship with the socio-economic environment, image and communication, Technical University of Moldova;
  2. Mihaela ȚARANU , President of “Code For Moldova”;
  3. Anetta DABIJA, specialist in History and International Relations;
  4. Constantin ȘEVCIUC, entrepreneur, founder of "Chateau Cristi";
  5. Mariana ȚURCAN, director of the AO "Association for Creative Development";
  6. Ludmila ADAMCIUC, founder of the organization "My Friend";
  7. Victoria DUNFORD, founder of the Model Center for Young People with Disabilities in Northern Moldova "Phenix";
  8. Anatolie BOLEA, founder of the Personal Counseling and Development Center - a free counseling platform for teenagers and young people;
  9. Doina CERNAVCA, executive director of the public association "Help a Man";
  10. Victoria MOROZOV, director of the Public Association "The Moldova Project";
  11. Natan GARȘTEA, economics and communication advisor to the governor of the National Bank of Moldova, author of the podcast “History of Moldova”;
  12. Andriano MARIAN, founder of the Youth Orchestra of Moldova and of the Voices of Moldova projects, “La, la Play” Musical Expedition.
  13. Einar VALLBAUM, Onofiric Consul of Moldova in Estonia;
  14. Igor BELEI, executive director of the social mission "Diaconia"
  15. Veronica CREȚU, co-chair of the National Committee for Open Government.

Three of the 15 Champions of Change won a grant, worth one thousand euros each, offered by the organizers of "Champions of Change" 2021 to encourage and motivate them to continue to carry out initiatives and ideas with impact, for the good of society in which we live. The winners of this year's edition are: Ludmila Adamciuc, Mihaela Țaranu and Victoria Morozov.

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