Getting Started with Being Smart and Data-driven Cities

Data Literacy is as much about individual knowledge as it is about organizational processes and policies. A knowledgeable individual in a non-data-driven organization can only thrive if they are provided an environment to learn, experiment, and share their knowledge with others. In turn, an organization relies on data-literate individuals so that it can be data-ready, build data-informed processes, and create data-driven decisions.

Knowledge of concepts such as data literacy and open data are crucial for local government leaders to start the journey of their Local Government Units (LGU) towards becoming smart, sustainable, and data-driven. There are countless ways to learn about data literacy, open data, and being smart and sustainable. These vary in terms of the topics they cover and the amount of time needed to complete them. Some come in the form of self-paced online learning courses, others are offered as training and workshops that last a day or two, while there are also options that include taking a university course.

This project aims to create easy-to-use and easy-to-understand learning materials in the form of cards/posters/booklets that will help local government leaders learn about building a culture of data and openness for developing smart, sustainable, and data-driven LGUs.