Digital Transformation
2022 FNF-KLID Online Seminar on Digital Transformation


On March 3rd, 2022, FNF Korea has held a seminar on digital transformation in South Korea with its partner, the Korea Local Information Research and Development Institute (KLID). Last year, the Living Lab series of online seminars targeted specifically at local government officials was a success. This year, the series of online seminars focused on "Digital Transformation."

The first presentation at the seminar was delivered by Jun-Young Choi, Director of Seoul Institute of Technology. During his presentation, he explained many aspects of Seoul City's practices of implementing Digital Transformation.

Mr. Dong Il Seo, Country Manager of Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, as well as the Co-Founder of Oculus VR, spoke next. He explained the concept of virtual reality and the global trends that it is experiencing.

There were two key points made in both presentations that stressed the importance of digital transformation implementation at the national and regional level in multiple ways. These trends are not for the future but changes to come soon.

As part of the day's seminar, Sungkyunkwan University's Research Professor Min-Jung Oh presented a Q&A session with the audience online. No on-site audience was available for the live streamed event, which was streamed online. A replay of this event is available on the YouTube channel.

YouTube Video

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