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Launching Land of Growth Card Game to Myanmar Audience


In an exciting development for fans of business and economics, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Myanmar Office launched a new market economy card game on 27th January 2023. The game, called "Land of Growth", is developed by the FNF Thailand Office to stimulate a complex market economy in a user-friendly and engaging way.

To share this fun and interactive learning opportunity with friends and partners in Myanmar, FNF Myanmar Office translated the Game into Myanmar language in late 2022, and kicked off its first Game event in January 2023. In its first event of “Land of Growth Game” in Myanmar version, FNF Myanmar Office invited young alumni from the Practical Economics Courses and Youth Innovation Challenge to first experience the Myanmar version of the Game. The event kicked off with a sharing session on Market Economy and Liberal values by using a fun and interactive game “Where you Stand” that encouraged participants to express personal beliefs on certain social, economic and political issues. After the “Where you Stand” game, the Game Session started where participants in groups of five played the Game with the guidance of a game coach.

In this Market Economy Card Game, players have the opportunity to manage their own farms and factories, making strategic decisions about production, market exchanges, and distribution in a competitive environment.They also need to adapt to changing market conditions, such as fluctuations in demand and supply, and respond to the actions of other players.



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"Land of Growth"  offers a wide range of agri-food industries and products to choose from, allowing players to specialize in areas that interest them the most. They can also interact with other players through trade and collaboration, creating a vibrant and dynamic economy.

The game designer and the game developer, FNF Thai Team have worked hard to ensure that "Land of Growth " is both educational and entertaining, using real-world economic principles and data to create a realistic and challenging experience. The game is suitable for players of all ages (recommended 12+ age) and backgrounds, from students learning about economics to seasoned entrepreneurs looking for a new challenge.


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Land of Growth Card Game 

Thurein Lwin from Inya Economics, one of the players from the event, remarked that the game was fascinating and that he would like to play it in person with his students, believing that it could provide basic economic knowledge to them.

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