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"Empowering Women in Business: 'She Innovates' in Yangon"

she innovates

Entrepreneurs and small businesses often struggle with limited resources, legal obstacles, inadequate training, and a lack of support networks. This six-week program focuses on providing quick, practical knowledge and hands-on experience tailored to their workspace. Aimed at those who've been working independently for a while, it's designed to meet their needs.

FNF Myanmar focuses on empowering women in business this year, aiming to foster their participation and leadership roles within the industry. The initiative, 'She Innovates,' selected 30 diverse women entrepreneurs to undergo transformative business training. This program aims to empower and educate women across sectors like food, education, clothing, childcare, and IT, aiming to enhance their innovative strengths and redefine conventional business ideas.

The six-week intensive 'She Innovates' training trained these women with a forward-thinking mindset and honed their skills through digital tools, personal branding, financial management, and digital marketing strategies. Among the participants, three women shared how the training exceeded their expectations.

she innovates

The teaching of business models like Lean Canvas, alongside essential elements such as digital tools, branding, personal development, financial literacy, product pitching, and more. FNF MM's intention to impart these teachings reflects a strong focus on equipping individuals with a comprehensive skill set necessary for entrepreneurial success.

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May Cho, owner of Café-Dejavu (Yangon)

"I worked at Unilever for 5 years, but I got really bored with my job. I dreamt of having my own coffee shop, so I decided to quit. When I started my business, I felt happy and sad at different times. But when I joined this training, I realized I wasn't alone. I found it on Facebook, and it felt like it was made for me. My business was a bit all over the place, but this training helped me understand it better each week. It's hard to get to know 30 different women at once, but this training made it possible. I learned so much about their businesses and different ways of doing things."


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Dr. Tin Mar Lar Thein, the founder of Sweety Home (Yangon)

"We create fermented drinks, and I found out about this training online. I got to meet new people and learn many things from different points of view. The speakers from various businesses taught me a great deal, and it made a big difference for me."


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May Yi Myint, the founder of Shwe Yi Win Pickled Tea (Mandalay)

"I live in Mandalay, and my friend told me about this training. I didn't know much about business before, and I wasn't aware of this training either. But I learned a lot from it. I learned about financial and business models. At first, I thought these methods were only for big companies, but now I see that small businesses like ours need them too. The training met my expectations."

The training emphasized leadership, challenging stereotypes, and embracing risks, fostering a community of empowered women supporting each other. 'She Innovates' celebrated the achievements and potential of women in business, sparking a movement empowering these women to break barriers and champion recognition for their contributions in shaping a brighter entrepreneurial future.


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