Migrant Souls' Exhibition: A Mirror of Courage and Hope in the Heart of Rabat

"Personal Stories at the Crossroads of Humanity"

The photographer behind this project who in his daily life is a member of the FNF Rabat team managed to capture the essence of the migrant spirit: faces from afar, gazes that speak volumes, smiles that hide stories. Black and white portraits, audio testimonies, all set against a techno music backdrop, created an immersive atmosphere where each visitor could feel the power of the shared narratives.

Through the lens, migrants recounted their lives, shared their hopes, and expressed the immense longing for their native lands. But what resonated most was their message of hope and resilience in the face of challenges encountered in Morocco, their host country.

As visitors wandered through the exhibition, they discovered among others the particular stories of Alae-Eddine, Joëlle, and Ashley.


Alae-Eddine, a man whose eyes betray the nostalgia for Syria, shares with disarming sincerity the pain of separation and the urgency to reunite his family torn apart by conflict. Living in Morocco for years, he fights to obtain that precious residency permit which would allow him to be with his loved ones.


Joëlle, with her intoxicating energy, shares her journey from Ivory Coast to Morocco, a path strewn with obstacles yet illuminated by solidarity and acceptance. Her professional achievements and cultural integration are the fruits of her determination and her ability to look beyond differences.


Ashley left the turmoil of the Central African Republic in search of peace in Morocco. Faced with the harsh reality of racism and the challenges of migration, she has carved out a path of empowerment with her African clothing business, affirming her culture and challenging stereotypes.

"Migrant Souls: Tales of Courage" is a celebration of life, of paths taken, and of hopes firmly rooted in the soul. Leaving the exhibition, one carries away the echo of these lives, the certainty that every story deserves to be heard and that each migrant soul enriches the fabric of our shared humanity.