Call for applications
“Irregular Migration to Europe, passageways paved with tricky gauges “


FNF MENA is inviting young people living in the MENA region to participate in the "Irregular Migration to Europe: Passageways Paved with Tricky Gauges" Hackathon. The hackathon aims to bring together young people to explore the root causes and consequences of irregular migration and its impact on the EU/MENA relationship. 

Participants will be guided by migration experts to develop policies, projects, campaigns, or products that contribute to strengthening the EU's role in the MENA region. The hackathon will be held in Tunisia from 12-14 July 2023, and up to 18 participants will be selected to join. Applicants must be between 18-39 years old and have a family member, a friend, or any kind of involvement related to individuals who experienced irregular migration to Europe. 

The registration deadline is 21 May 2023, and the hackathon participation is free, including travel and accommodation costs. 

For more information and to apply please check the document in the link below where you can find the application form: