We won! The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Mexico wins the Impulso Emprendedor 2022 Award!


The Mexican Association of Entrepreneurs (ASEM) presented the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Mexico with the Impulso Emprendedor 2022 Award, an annual prize that recognizes outstanding individuals or institutions that promote entrepreneurship and improve the conditions for doing business in Mexico.

ASEM is one of the main associations working for an entrepreneurial and innovative Mexico. With more than 14 thousand members, it is part of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Latin America (ASELA), promotes public policies, training programs, entrepreneurship networks and legal advice in Mexico.

In previous years, the award has been presented to Mexico's leading entrepreneurship organizations and institutes: 500 Startups, Endeavor Mexico, Tec de Monterrey and Disruptivo.TV. For the Friedrich Naumann Foundation it is an honor to receive this recognition and reaffirms our commitment to foster a culture of innovation and market economy in Mexico.

If anything is clear to us, it is that in Mexico these types of efforts [to promote entrepreneurship] are the ones that should continue to be replicated. The entrepreneurship institutes and the ministries of the economy, innovation and development are key to implementing policies that encourage more women entrepreneurs to continue with their businesses in a formal manner.

MaríaJosé ASEM
María José Salcedo, Project Coordinator of 'Proyecto México'

What are we doing to promote entrepreneurship in Mexico and the region?

During 2022, we have collaborated with associations, government and think tanks whose agenda is to promote entrepreneurship in Mexico. This year, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation has visited Sinaloa, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Guanajuato, Chiapas and Yucatán. In each state we have spoken with public officials, academics and entrepreneurs and it is clear to us that in many states they are working with public policy strategies focused on local entrepreneurship.

  • The INNOVATE Entrepreneurship Programme promotes the interaction of entrepreneurs in the region with experts in innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, investment and business. For the third consecutive year, through the Road To Innovate Mexico 2022 competition, which took place in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, conferences, workshops and a Pitch at the Beach were held in which 10 Mexican entrepreneurs competed to reach Guatemala. In addition, key players of the national economy from the north of the country were present to discuss the outlook, challenges and opportunities facing a post-pandemic Mexico.

    The winners will travel to Guatemala on November 24, 2022 to represent Mexico at the INNOVATE Entrepreneurship Summit 2022 event, competing with other entrepreneurs from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama and Guatemala, to access personalized mentoring, diploma courses and a regional entrepreneurship network.

  • In Mexico, women represent only 40% of the labor force. A low participation if we consider that 7 out of 10 men contribute to the national economy. The third edition of the Festival Libre de ser: Women in Business, held in Monterrey, was a day of panels, conferences and workshops with women experts and leaders in the private, public, academic and think tank sectors. We highlighted three major lessons to promote the agenda of women's inclusion in the economy and the promotion of business creation.

  • Europe faces a multitude of serious challenges. The EU must demonstrate that free and democratic societies are best equipped to master major challenges.

    The Bajio region seeks to evolve into a new era by making the transition from manufacturing to creative industries that can attract and develop talent and investment.

    The High Level Forum: Europe - Mexico will be attended by executives from European chambers of commerce, entrepreneurs and decision makers to discuss how the EU and Mexico cooperate to foster an innovation ecosystem in the region.

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