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María José Salcedo Campos: a figure of reference in the promotion of Human Rights and Freedom in Mexico

Congratulations to María José Salcedo for her well-deserved recognition as one of the 200 most important women in Mexico by Mujer Ejecutiva!
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María José Salcedo Campos, coordinator of the Mexico Project of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the promotion and protection of human rights in our country. In an adverse context, María José recognizes the crucial work of civil society organizations in the defense of fundamental rights and in the construction of a more just and free society. 

Our coordinator has been a key player in the Foundation's work in Mexico in recent years, working closely with organizations such as México Evalúa, Artículo 19, Impunidad Cero and Sin Fronteras IAP, her work has had a valuable impact on Mexico. Her commitment and dedication have been instrumental in promoting a more competitive economy, plural societies and, of course, greater freedom.

We congratulate María José Salcedo on her recognition as one of the 200 most important women in Mexico by Mujer Ejecutiva. Her leadership, commitment and dedication are an inspiring example for the Foundation and for Mexico. This recognition is a shared achievement and an acknowledgement of your impact, congratulations!


I am very grateful to Mujer Ejecutiva magazine because when I was a child I had no leadership references. Besides, it is important not only to have examples, but to represent the women who, in their day-to-day work, are doing a great job for Mexico. Internationally and locally we always hear the bad news about the country and we don't know the actors who make us continue to innovate. For me, this recognition given to women in different categories is an effort that goes beyond us as women, since it shows those who seek to make Mexico a better place.

María José Salcedo

Translation of the article into English

For María José Salcedo Campos, coordinator of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom's Mexico Project, the situation in Mexico in terms of guaranteeing the protection of human rights is not at all acceptable. However, "I consider it crucial to recognize the work of civil society organizations, since in the face of adverse contexts, they have done an essential job in the promotion, protection and enforcement of human rights".

In this regard, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has played a crucial role in the last 35 years of work in Mexico to promote human rights, a more competitive economy, plural societies and, of course, greater freedom for people.

"We have worked in depth with organizations such as México Evalúa, Artículo 19 and Sin Fronteras IAP, among others, in favor of human rights. However, it is necessary to continue strengthening civil society organizations to have an impact through their analysis, studies and contributions. In particular, citizens must know, recognize and support these organizations that represent their interests, and that in the end are the ones who have ensured that our rights are guaranteed," explains Salcedo Campos.

For example, one of the greatest areas of opportunity lies in the work to be done in different states and municipalities outside Mexico City. That is to say, it is relevant to think about the great potential that exists outside the capital, especially in: Yucatan, Guanajuato, Nuevo Leon and Jalisco. Thus, a permanent challenge is to work with younger audiences, since it is necessary to think about how to provide information in a more creative and attractive way.

In this sense, it is necessary to " remain informed about the different realities that oppose each other in our country. Sometimes we forget that we are part of a whole. Therefore, the most important thing is to have information to make decisions and, of course, to be part of the activities of civil society organizations that promote human rights", emphasizes the master in Political Economy.

With the digital world, many people are either reacting to a button on their cell phone or sharing content, which is a way to keep the conversation active, but there is also a real world beyond the digital one where action needs to be taken.

In this sense, "leadership in the world of work is a common challenge for many women; personally, my greatest challenge has been to be able to believe in my leadership capacity from a position of creating safe and reliable spaces for dialogue, where all team members are safe to express themselves without being judged. In all work teams it is necessary to generate dynamics and through many exercises of knowledge of the dreams, fears and expectations of its members, to be able to integrate them into decision making, where they contribute and develop their greatest potential," says Salcedo Campos.

Therefore, beyond achievements, "the key to success lies in the ability to generate work teams that believe in themselves and that, as a leader, you can trust your team. Few things in this world are achieved individually; successes come from a group of people. In addition, the key lies in academic preparation, in the development of leadership and negotiation skills, and especially in assertive communication.

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