Writing for Freedom
Relentless – a short story collection on Freedom

Relentless – a short story collection on Freedom

Discover the captivating and stimulating world of "Relentless", a collection of short stories that explores the complexities and nuances of freedom. With its powerful stories in Arabic and English and diverse narratives, "Relentless" offers an engaging and enlightening reading experience. The book is available for free download through this link:

The Olive Writers Summer Camp 2022 brought together 26 young writers from all
over Morocco to spend a week in an intensive writing residency in Casablanca. The
program took place at the Casablanca American Arts Center between July 22 and
28, 2022. Out of 273 applicants from across the country, the 26 participants were
selected through a rigorous process.

During the camp, they attended daily writing workshops (in Arabic or English),
lectures by famous writers and intellectuals, learned critical thinking and the
publishing industry, revised and polished a personal creative project. The participants
worked hard during the residency to create original and captivating stories, and six
months after the end of the residency, they had the chance to see the result of their
work with the launch of "Relentless", a book that brings together all the stories written
during the artistic residency.

This year's edition addressed the theme: "Writing for Freedom". Talented writers
gathered to ask the question: What does it mean to be free? By studying fiction and
non-fiction pieces that explore this theme, and through the wide variety of sessions
and seminars, they developed a deeper understanding of the notion and reflected it
in the creations they worked on during the camp.

Each story is unique and offers a different perspective on the world, making reading
"Relentless" exciting and inspiring. If you're looking for new stories to read and want
to discover new literary talents, don't hesitate to download the book.