A Day In Our Life


FNF Malaysia 

When you hear the sound of the fingerprint machine and when the door starts to open you know our day has started.

Dark turns into light. And soon other footsteps came in. When things get hectic, the sound of a friend of mine "The print calculator" fills the room.

Most of our work is administration, but we do that to help our partners to do their activities, their noble activities to educate people about certain issues, and to spread freedom in Malaysia.

Together with our partners, we try to educate society because, without active participation from society, democracy and social peace are neither achievable nor sustainable.

We would like to take you for a walk into our humble office and show you behind the door.

We hope you enjoy our #LifeatfFNF video. 

If you have any questions about our work comment down below or contact us at

Watch here:

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