Meet Our Alumni: Sanad Nawar

I am passionate about promoting democracy, human rights and freedom of expression. The incidents of the Arab Spring made me realized the high need and importance of promoting these values in our region. I now constantly put an effort on political education and youth empowerment in an effort to build a generation that is more aware and active through co-founding two initiatives titled Leaders of Today and Vox Populi with others under development. I also co-founded the youth wing of the Civil Alliance political party in Jordan called “Naqsh”.

I spent a year and a half as project coordinator at FNF Jordan and worked for the United Nations for five years, holding several positions in different UN agencies. I am an alumnus of the International Parliamentary Scholarship in the German Parliament and the International Visitor Leadership Program, which is the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program. I hold a Bachelor’s degree is in Water and Environmental Engineering from the German Jordanian University.

I participated in the “Moderation: Facilitation and Program Design” seminar in February 2019. It was a fruitful experience for me on many different levels as the program introduced me to two great tools: Thinking Environment elements and Daniel Kim’s Cycle of Success, which I have been using in my work by creating an enabling environment with the local youth that I work with on a regular basis.

During our time in IAF we had the opportunity to meet Germany’s Young Liberals and, being a political activist in Jordan myself, such meetings were a great added value to my knowledge in organizing and facilitating youth groups.