Meet Our Alumni: Ali Fayyad

My name is Ali Fayyad, I am working in the governance and civic engagement fields as a local administration consultant, by working for international actors and implementers for 7 years in the MENA region. I have worked on several projects with donors from USAID, EU, AECID, UNDP, World Bank and more with focus areas in decentralization, political participation and capacity building.

My expertise is around the themes of youth, social accountability, advocacy, anti-corruption and research.

Currently, I am working as a Project Manager at the Partners Jordan organization, working in collaboration with municipalities and other public service providers, in participatory budgeting and engage local communities in decision-making process.

I feel proud to be a part of the FNF family in Jordan. I was working as a consultant with local governorate councils from different locations in Jordan, to find appropriate solutions for developmental challenges in governorates using design thinking methodology.

In February 2020, I had the opportunity to participate in the Road to Decentralization visiting program. During this program, I learned about the federal political system in Germany. In particular, we learned about the five constitutional bodies and how these bodies work in total harmony to cooperate and complement each other.

Likewise, we visited the German federal parliament (Bundestag), where we heard about the election status, composition, and key roles. Moreover, we learned a lot about the German Lower House of Parliament or Bundesrat as well, including its formation system and roles.
Germany maintains a pioneering and long-standing experience in local administration, from which I learned many lessons and significant experience, which can be reflected on my experience in particular, in decentralization projects in Jordan.

The necessity for clear relationships between local administration councils and making sure there's no overlapping between their responsibilities is the important for political parties in political life and I will seek to influence that in Jordanian model.