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Retirement after 34 FNF-years: Thank you, Pak Djoko!


It´s happening. FNF´s second longest-serving employee is retiring: Djoko Winarto. Only Christiana Corona, 35 years FNF, has been with us longer.

Pak Djoko joined FNF Indonesia in Jakarta as a driver in 1989. For almost three and a half decades, he drove the FNF car. However, Pak Djoko did much, much more. He was a regular at the Presidential Palace Grounds, where Indonesia´s State Secretariat issues important documents for the foundation's registration and the Project Director´s Visa. Whether at the bank, post office, ministries, NGO-offices or party headquarters – Pak Djoko knew everything and everyone. And everyone knew and liked Pak Djoko.

At FNF Indonesia nine Project Directors came and left – Pak Djoko stayed. They and everybody else at the office sought Pak Djoko´s advice. He was always there for everyone. Pak Djoko was held in the highest esteem. His opinion mattered greatly. In 2013, when I came to Jakarta as a Project Director, Pak Djoko told me that he was planning to retire soon. But then he continued for another 10 years. Now, this month, it's over.

Pak Djoko, modest as always, did not want a grand farewell. Last week, during a Strategic Planning Meeting near Jakarta, he was honored by colleagues: video messages from former Project Directors, a Zoom call, small gifts from colleagues - that was it. That's how Pak Djoko wanted it.

No text, no gesture, no gift could do Pak Djoko´s 34 FNF-years justice.

Therefore, quite simply: THANK YOU PAK DJOKO!

Enjoy your retirement!