Countdown to Christmas
25 - Entrepreneurship

IAF - 25
  • Entrepreneurs are the key drivers of prosperity and innovation. In a free society and a free economy, they make a decisive contribution to constantly testing and realizing new alternatives in a never ending process of discovery, trial and error. They are constantly making new offers to their customers and competing with each other, forcing them to make better and better use of their capital and knowledge.
  • The role of entrepreneurs should not be taken over by the state. All attempts to have entrepreneurial decisions fulfilled by state bureaucracies lead to misallocation of capital, reduce efficiency and inhibit innovation.
  • The role of the state should be limited to setting the framework for entrepreneurial action. This primarily involves the protection of property and the enforcement of contracts. The state should not intervene even when entrepreneurs fail - that is a necessary part of the process.


Gift Idea

IAF - SpaceX Gift Idea

Space has long been a field in which government agencies have controlled almost all activities and carried them out themselves. But today, private companies are playing a very rapidly and are showing their superiority here as well. Although many government contracts are still awarded, private companies are making more efficient, innovative and diverse offers. The reusable, two-stage Falcon X launch vehicle developed by SpaceX, a company owned by Elon Musk, is now the safest and most efficient rocket in its class. This beautiful model can awaken children and adults alike to the use of space by private entrepreneurs and to the beauty of space technology.

Sascha Tamm