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Call for Papers: Conference “The challenges of liberal democracy today”

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On December 4-5, 2023, the Center for Liberal Studies and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Greece and Cyprus, in cooperation with distinguished scientific institutions, organize in Athens an academic conference under the topic “The challenges of liberal democracy today”.

The conference is organized in the framework of the global dialogue campaign "Reshape Europe" on how Europe can become more resilient against the opponents of freedom and liberal democracy, and more effective in dealing with the great contemporary challenges.

Nowadays, liberal democracy is under intense impeachment worldwide, both externally and within the countries that have adopted it as a system of political organization. The criticisms that are mainly formulated concern, among other things, the ability of liberal democracy to respond to contemporary challenges and issues, but also broader issues of representation, justice, and efficiency, with various alternative approaches being proposed depending on the theoretical and ideological starting point of its opponents.

Considering that the multidimensional consideration of these challenges can contribute to a more complete understanding of the modern situation, but also to a more effective defense of liberal democracy, the organizers of the conference invite those interested to submit proposals on the following, indicatively proposed, thematic topics:

  • The institutional structure and functioning of liberal democracies
  • Populism and extremism
  • Representation and efficiency deficits
  • Contemporary public sphere and the role of mass media and social networking
  • Freedom of speech and political correctness
  • Rule of law, accountability, transparency.
  • Rights and identities, gender politics, and social discrimination
  • Opportunities and challenges for liberal democracy from new technology
  • Developments in the fields of economics and international relations.
  • Grand global challenges: Emergencies, energy, climate change, health crises.

Useful information:

  • The working languages of the conference are Greek and English.
  • The main speakers of the conference will be announced soon.
  • Selected papers will be published in a selective volume.
  • The best presentations by young scientists will be awarded at the end of the Conference.

Important Dates:

  • All those interested are invited to participate with a scientific contribution, sending the title and abstract, up to 200 words, of their proposed paper along with a short CV to the conference organizing committee by October 31, 2023, at
  • The presenters will be informed of the results of their abstracts in November.
  • Full papers must be submitted for publication by January 15, 2024.

Reshape Europe International Campaign

Following the slogan #ReshapeEurope FNF has launched a global dialogue on how Europe can become more resilient and assertive in order to stand up to the enemies of freedom worldwide. In order to strengthen and defend the European model of free and democratic societies against authoritarian regimes, the European project must regain its radiance and creative power - both within its borders and externally.  To this end, the EU must, on the one hand, demonstrate and exemplify internally that free and democratic societies are best suited to master major challenges. Second, the EU must strengthen its partnerships with other countries and regions of the world and not leave them to other global players whose values are diametrically opposed to the EU's liberal democratic model of society. Around the world, FNF is looking for answers to defend the free world. With which world regions should strategic cooperation be established, deepened or reconsidered?  How should the EU's global partnerships and alliances be shaped in the future? Have your say and share with us your ideas on how to #ReshapeEurope!

👏 The event #ReshapeEurope is organized by the Center for Liberal Studies.