(4.10.2022) Warsaw Security Forum 2022

Warsaw 22

On the 4th of October, Theresa Winter from Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Germany) will be moderating a roundtable on "Taiwan and the Great Power Competition: The Transatlantic Community within the Systemic Rivalry in the Indo-Pacific."

In the last decade, power dynamics in international relations changed significantly. The South China Sea and the wider Indo-Pacific region became centre for systemic rivalry between China and the US. Taiwan plays a significant role in this dynamic, its security being closely linked to the US positioning and presence in the region. In 2021, the EU published its own Indo-Pacific strategy, advocating freedom of navigation and a rule-based international order, but has yet to formulate a unified position vis-à-vis its China or else Taiwan policy. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has strengthened and unified the EU's foreign and security positioning. While developments are still fresh, this could mark a new momentum for the EU also to develop a firm position toward Xi-Jinping.

Speakers include:

  • Chih-Hao Jiho Chang - Keelung City Councilor, Taiwan
  • Min-Hua Chiang - Research Fellow and Economist, Asian Studies, Heritage Foundation
  • Alexander Müller - Member of the Bundestag, FDP
  • Olga Richterová - Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies, Czech Pirate Party, Czech Republic

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