Women Leaders
Women's Leadership Workshop

The women were the main focus in a weekend where they could strengthen tools and skills for leadership.
Día 1

Group Photo

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In cooperation with the Fundación Cívico Republicana we organised "Women with Projects" in the city of Ramallo, in Buenos Aires. More than 40 women from different countries committed to professional growth were able to acquire new key tools for their personal development and their projects. The purpose of the meeting was to promote a series of skills linked to strategic planning, project management, female leadership, assertive communication and emotional intelligence.

Lead your Life to Lead

On Friday 29 September, we began the workshop under the slogan "Lead your life to lead". In the first activity the participants introduced themselves and then presented their projects. They had the opportunity to start the activities strengthening their skills and abilities. Different projects, different stories, from different countries, enriched the day giving space for exchange and the possibility of mutual empowerment.

Día 2

The teams presented their projects.

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I Lead, I Believe and I Create

On Saturday 30 September the activities began with a new thematic focus on women's self-leadership. The participants reflected on what it means to be a leader in the world today, presented the concept of what is to be a leader and discussed the different types of leadership that exist and their role in society. It was a really enriching experience for them.

This exercise was interesting to understand the different perspectives on the term "self-leadership" and how this decision-making capacity can be achieved in order to reach new goals. In certain circumstances it is complicated to decide between different alternatives, and that`s why it is essential to strengthen cognitive skills in order to be able to lead.

Día 3

The participants took part in outdoor activities.

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I Can, I Am, I Know

The last day of the event took place on Sunday 1 October. Several rounds of active listening have been taken. The women shared their personal experiences in the course of the workshop, in order to strengthen their personal growth and their projects. In this way, they were able to learn from each other's experiences. It is important to highlight that the workshop was not simply a learning process based on lessons given by the professionals. However, a space was generated for ideas, with networking opportunities, in which the participants themselves were the protagonists. The focus of the workshops was essential to fulfil the expectations of the event.

To finish the day and the event, a series of outdoor activities were carried out. The women continued working on themselves, interacting and strengthening relations between them. Thus, at the end of the workshop, a network of liberal women was created. This network promotes liberal values, cooperating themselves, in order to contribute to democratic, free and respectful societies.