Energy Forum “Net-Zero Pathways

Energy Forum “Net-Zero Pathways“

Our 11th Energy Forum, "Net-Zero Pathways: Lead the energy future", took place to look at the current situation and strategies to put Tunisia on a sustainable track to net-zero emissions and to establish a green hydrogen market. It took place in late April in collaboration with ENIM - National Engineering School of Monastir.

We brought together some of the top minds in academia and industry to identify the big issues around making energy demand and green solutions work together. Mohamed Zmerli (UNCDF) opened the event by recalling the country's energy policy and climate goals. There really is an ambitious energy transition plan (TSP), presented by Ghaleb Ennine (STEG), that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and still ensuring energy security. In view of this potential, Prof. Chiheb Bouden (ENIT) advocates a solution: Tunisia's potential as a hub for green hydrogen production. Produced by electrolysis using renewable energy sources, green hydrogen holds great promise for the decarbonisation of various sectors. Dr Sami Ben Rejeb (GIZ), discussed therefore the evolving legal framework for renewable energy projects in the country. This was followed by insights into the potential applications of green hydrogen in their work from our invited industry expert, Ahraf Smaoui of Poulina Group Holding. Importantly, the challenge is to identify, think and work with business.

For the last part of our event, we finally opened our discussion with a panel debate on the key findings, potential and main challenges associated with the introduction of green hydrogen. These included energy deficits, heavy reliance on natural gas and the need for significant financial resources to integrate renewable energy. Once again, the commitment of our speakers and the community to share knowledge and work together towards a sustainable energy future made it a flawless event in our Energy Forum series.