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Study Tour: Free Trade World Order and Globalization Hub in Washington

International Experts Analyze the Current State of International Trade and Globalization
Soledad Hormazabal
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I recently had the privilege of participating in the “Study Tour: Free Trade World Order and Globalization Hub,” a highly valuable experience that allowed me to delve into crucial topics of international trade and globalization. This enriching opportunity arose thanks to the gracious invitation from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, an institution dedicated to promoting liberal principles on the international stage.

The topics covered during the course were undeniably fascinating and revealing. Despite having read various studies on the subject, one aspect that particularly caught my attention was the evident trend towards increased protectionism in Washington. This inclination was not exclusive to a political sector but spanned across different sectors, each contributing, for various reasons, to this new dynamic challenging the traditional free trade stance of the United States.

Tensions with China, a highly relevant topic, emerged as another crucial aspect during the course. While the growing hostility in U.S.-China relations is a well-known fact, witnessing it in person added a completely different dimension. The intensity of discussions and perspectives shared by experts and professionals from various fields underscored the complexity and strategic importance of this bilateral relationship.

Equally relevant was the realization that the group of individuals selected to participate in the course was meticulously chosen. The diversity present, not only in terms of nationalities but also in professional experiences and cultures, significantly contributed to the richness of discussions and my overall experience. Interacting with colleagues from different parts of the world not only expanded my network but also enriched my understanding of the challenges and opportunities we face globally.

The opportunity to closely observe the diverse realities of countries represented by my fellow participants was undoubtedly one of the highlights of my involvement. Informal conversations during breaks and social activities provided invaluable insights into different perspectives on the topics discussed, enhancing my understanding of the complexity of the international landscape.

From my position at the Horizontal Studies Center, this experience and the acquired knowledge will be of great use in performing my duties. The insights gained during the study tour will undoubtedly strengthen my ability to address current challenges in the field of international trade and globalization. Additionally, identifying trends toward protectionism and tensions with China provided key insights that I can apply in my work.

In this regard, I will use what I've learned to continue promoting free trade and globalization from my position at the Horizontal Studies Center. The need for a deep understanding of these issues is more evident than ever, and I am determined to actively contribute to the promotion of policies that foster openness and collaboration on the international stage.

I would like to express my profound gratitude to the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for making this experience possible. Their dedication to promoting liberal values and their contribution to the training of committed professionals are admirable. I also appreciate my fellow participants for sharing their knowledge and experiences, creating a stimulating and enriching learning environment.

In summary, the “Study Tour: Free Trade World Order and Globalization Hub” has been a valuable addition to my professional and personal journey. I am confident that the lessons learned during this experience will continue to guide my work and perspective on the challenges and opportunities we face in an increasingly interconnected world.

About the Author:

Soledad Hormazábal is an economist from the University of Chile with postgraduate studies in public policies. She currently works at the Horizontal Studies Center as a senior researcher. Previously, she served as an advisor on economic and public policy matters during the second term of former Chilean President Sebastián Piñera.

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