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Connecting to Transform: Multisectoral Event for Creative Industries in Medellín

An activity serving as an inspiring space for ideas and innovation
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Collaboration with AI: A boost for human creativity

One of the most important themes of the event was the exploration of collaboration between creatives and artificial intelligence. The conferences “La genealogía del Promt y la creatividad humana (The Genealogy of Promt and Human Creativity)” by Fredy Forero, Copyright Manager at Cerlalc, and “Producción Multimedial con Inteligencia Artificial de Copiloto (Multimedia Production with Copilot Artificial Intelligence)” by José Alejandro Betancourt, Nodo's director, provided innovative perspectives on how emerging technologies can be strategic allies, enhancing human capabilities.

Following Tatiana Castelblanco's talk, Coordinator of Training at Cerlalc, on “Habilidades blandas que pueden cambiar tu trayectoria laboral (Soft Skills That Can Change Your Career Path),” which delved into the need for professionals to find their added value, participants engaged in an interactive exercise. They directly experienced how AI can trigger creativity and enhance essential skills demanded by the market."

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Cultural Capitalization: Sowing the Ground for Local Empowerment

The conference “Medellín pa’ el Mundo: Estrategias de Capitalización Cultural para el Impulso de Talentos Locales (Medellín for the World: Cultural Capitalization Strategies for Boosting Local Talents”,) presented by Julio Iglesias, an analyst in economic and financial matters, provided valuable insights into how the city is becoming an engine for fostering talents. This reinforced the focus on the creative industries by Yesenia Valencia, actress and CEO of Valencia Productions, as presented in “Soñar y trasnochar para la organización de un festival (Dreaming and Staying Up All Night for the Organization of a Festival”. In this session, she explored how she could transform her cell phone-made film festival into an economically sustainable project, impacting the lives of thousands of people in Latin America. Additionally, the collaboration between creativity and design, highlighted in “Aliados Estratégicos: El diseño y la creatividad (Strategic Allies: Design and Creativity)” by Daniel Moreno, Brand Leader at EAFIT University, stood out as a driver for innovation, challenging conventional barriers and generating unique solutions.

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Practical Guide to Tax Incentives for Creative Industries

A highlight of the meeting was the launch of the guide by CERLALC and FNF, written by Diana Uribe, on tax incentives for creative industries. More than just a compendium of practical tools, this document has the potential to catalyze significant changes in public policies, providing participants with case studies and tools to influence the formulation of policies that support the development of the creative sector.

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Conferences, Connection, and Interactivity

“¿Cómo Generar Narrativas del Putas?” by Diego Santos former Director of Twitter Colombia, “Artista en la mañana, CEO en la noche. Ser empresario no es un pecado (Artist in the morning, CEO at night. Being an entrepreneur is not a sin)” by Julio Iglesias and “Avalúo luego existo. Una guía para conocer el valor de tu inspiración (Avalúo then I exist. A guide to know the value of your inspiration)” by Fredy Forero, are just some examples of the diversity of conferences offered that contributed to a collective fabric of knowledge that nurtured and enriched the participants from different professions, creating a unique synergy. However, Creative Partnerships was not limited to keynotes; it was an interactive experience. From an advertising agency role-play, where participants devised campaigns using artificial intelligence as a co-pilot, to a speed networking that emulated the dynamics of dating apps, each activity was an invitation to explore new horizons, step out of the comfort zone and build genuine connections. Interactivity was not only a complement, but an essential part for participants to immediately apply the concepts learned, forging alliances and generating innovative ideas.

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This event emerged as more than just a catalyst for today's creativity, but as a guide pointing the way to a future where the cultural sector not only survives, but thrives through connection, innovation and collaboration. Over two jam-packed days, professionals from the programming, film, music, literature and more sectors forged strong partnerships and shared valuable insights. The positive feedback from attendees not only validates the success of this event, but also strongly suggests the need and desire to continue organizing meetings like Creative Partnerships, where connecting creative minds, generating innovative ideas and building meaningful relationships were revealed as the true potential of the creative industries in Colombia.

Download the Practical Guide to Tax Incentives for Creative Industries

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    The Practical Guide on Tax Incentives for Creative Industries was developed by CERLALC, FNF Andean Countries, and written by Diana Uribe. This document has the potential to catalyze significant changes in public policies, providing participants with case studies and tools to influence the formulation of policies that support the development of the creative sector.