Strengthening Dialogue Between European CSOs: “Civil Talks: Global Effects of the Pandemic” Series

Türkonfed Webinar
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The COVID-19 pandemic has become a phenomenon affecting our socio-cultural lifestyle and the way we make business deeply. Undoubtedly, Turkish, and international civil society organizations have gone through an adaptation period regarding crisis management, digitalization, continuation of member relations and activities during the pandemic, and had to increase their manoeuvrability.
In order to enable experience and know-how sharing among its members, TÜRKONFED, with the support of FNF Turkey, initiated the Civil Talks: Global Effects of the Pandemic” series to get to the core of civil society spirit in Turkey and in the world, and discuss the effects of the pandemic on civil society at national and global levels.
The first meeting welcomed TURKONFED International President Burak Pehlivan and Turkish Ukrainian Business Association (TUİD) Board Member Orçun Gömeç who discussed the effects of the pandemic in Ukraine and bilateral economic relations during this time.
The second meeting welcomed Association of Turkish Businessmen in Europe (ATİAD) President Aziz Sarıyar and Board Member Çağlar Kepekçi who discussed how the pandemic affected civil society and business world in Germany and Europe and shared best practices.
The third meeting welcomed SEDEFED President Emine Erdem, Turkish Businessmen Association in Romania (TİAD) President Güven Güngör and Board Member Burçin Atakan who discussed examples, experience and information from Romania with regards to the pandemic.
The fourth and last meeting welcomes Paris Bosphorus Institute President Bahadır Kaleağası, Economic Development Foundation Secretary General Çiğdem Nas and World Turkish Business Council Balkans Region Committee President Ömer Süsli who discussed the effects of the pandemic at a more macro and global level.