Women's Rights
"There is no place for harassment and violence in my workplace"

Phase Two
There is no place for harassment in my workplace
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The "There is no place for harassment and violence in my workplace (İşyerimde Taciz ve Şiddete Yer Yok)" project, conducted by the YANINDAYIZ Association with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, completed its Phase One in 2022, focusing on blue-collar workers in the textile industry. During this phase, a web-based questionnaire was developed to spread awareness of violence and harassment, and changes in gender-based perceptions were measured. This initiative aimed to address gender-based violence and harassment issues prevalent in the workplace, specifically targeting the textile industry.

The subsequent Phase Two of the project, which began in June 2023, extended its reach to 10 textile producers in cities strategically selected to represent the diverse regions of Türkiye, including İzmir, Ordu (2), Batman (2), Adana, İstanbul, Eskişehir, Hakkâri, and Sakarya. This broad geographical coverage allows for comparisons between regions, including Eastern Anatolia, Black Sea, Southeastern Anatolia, Marmara, Central Anatolia, Mediterranean, and Aegean, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the issue.

In Phase Two, 1291 blue-collar workers in the selected cities received training on gender-based violence and awareness of workplace violence. The effectiveness of these awareness-raising sessions was measured through pre-and post-training awareness tests, comprising 27 questions, including 4 demographic questions and 23 questions evaluating gender awareness in work, social life, family, and education. The questions underwent cross-validation to minimize potential biases in responses.

Analysis of the pre-and post-training tests revealed a positive shift in perspectives towards gender equality among the participants. Notably, male blue-collar workers sharing workspaces with women demonstrated a particularly remarkable change in perception. The success of the project underscores the importance of seemingly minor steps, such as gender equality training, in contributing to broader societal changes and challenging patriarchal norms.

The findings suggest that similar training initiatives could be implemented across various institutions and organizations to enhance their impact on society and promote gender equality in Türkiye. The project emphasizes the fluid and reconstructible nature of gender perception, advocating for the multiplication and support of such studies to foster a more inclusive and equal society.

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