the Freedom Journey ASIA Virtual Run
Get your running gears ready; the Freedom Journey ASIA Virtual Run is back!


Running is easy and fun. Above all, it’s a network, a network to new places and new people through a sports activity. FNF does not want you to lose this opportunity, esp. amidst all these travel restrictions in Southeast and East Asia. So, we bring you a virtual run, where you can meet new people and experience new places virtually!

How will you take part?

It’s easy. If you happen to attend FNF events in the region, you’re called “FNF alumni” and receive this exclusive opportunity to join the virtual run 2021.

Run for 5km on your own terms. There is no starting line nor a finishing point. You just choose where you want to run, either outdoors or on your treadmill at home, between November 14-20 2021. Then record your distance on STRAVA, we’ll invite you when you complete your registration process. Registration is open now until November 11 2021. Fill up the form here.

The purpose of the virtual run is to have fun and to reconnect to the world. So, although 5km is on your list, you can separate the distance and finish it within a week! Either you spend a day to complete 5km or spend a whole week to finish your distance doesn’t really matter. As long as you’ve successfully recorded a total of 5km distance on Strava, you’re a “FINISHER”. You’ll receive an e-certificate and a virtual postcard for finishing the run.

Anything else?

Of course, this is a run as well as a race. So, if you run faster and run more distance, your name will be recorded on the leaderboard and we’ll pick the top performers to receive Eur100. How do you do it?

  • Join the Parasol Project Facebook Group, where you will be invited to share your run experience.
  • Run minimum 5km or run at your best.
  • Take a creative photo and share it in the Parasol Project Facebook Group or your own Strava account (make it visible). Make sure you receive most likes and shares!

10 pictures and 5 top runners will be selected by the foundation and present them on our website. You will then be received Eur100 for transferring these rights to the foundation. Therefore, take a creative photo, share your experience and let your gears earn you Eur100! For more information, please see here.

The Freedom Journey ASIA Virtual Run 2021 is a unique, interactive, and healthy activity to strengthen our network. This is a second year for FNF to host the virtual run. You, as a FNF alumni, receive this rare opportunity to join fun and share your experience whilst expanding your network horizon. Hence, join NOW!

So how to join the Freedom Journey Virtual Run 2021? Follow these steps!

  1. Register for the event.
  2. If you are new to Strava, download the Strava Application (Smart Phone| Android)
  3. Register an account on Strava, then look for the Freedom Journey Asia Club:
  4. If you do not know how to record your run on strava, here is the guideline.
  5. When you are in the club, click attend this year’s event here:
  6. Join the Parasol Facebook Group here:
  7. If you still have questions, See FAQ here.
Virtual Run