Smart Mobility
Freedom Fun Ride: Mobilizing Public Transport Champions

Freedom Fun Ride, 11th June 2022 at Garahe Grounds, Antipolo City
Lady wearing bike shirt with keep moving for freedom text
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The freedom ride campaign #keepmovingforfreedom is our way of calling for solutions to address transportation and mobility problems. The freedom to move is a basic human right that must be guaranteed across all sectors of society. JICA (2015) puts the number of people with private vehicles at 12 % of the population. A huge chunk of the population relies solely on public transportation. This makes a very compelling case to advocate for policies that will benefit the majority of the population as well as the environment.

  • Prioritize programs aimed at improving mobility and policies designed to reduce urban car use
  • Prioritize programs that would benefit commuters, bikes, and transport workers more
  • Facilitate better road safety standards for active transportation
  • push for dignified commuting for Filipinos
  • Reclaim sidewalks to encourage walking
  • Implement rigorous participatory tools for citizens to take part on the policies and programs on mobility and transportation

Freidrich Naumann Foundation Philippines, in partnership with Junior Chamber International Manila, launched Freedom Ride to urge newly elected officials to champion smart and people-centered mobility. The Freedom ride is a call-to-action to newly elected officials to champion a safer, more inclusive, and more humane public transportation system in the Philippines. 

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Photo contest poster
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As a pre-activity to the Freedom Virtual Cycle 2022, FNF Philippines invited transport advocates and photography enthusiasts to join #keepmovingforfreedom photo essay competition. The photo competition enjoins smart mobility advocates to capture their mobility experience in the city.

Photos were uploaded on the Freedom Cycle Club, a Facebook group created by FNF Philippines to bring the cycling community into one platform where members can discuss environmental sustainability, road-sharing safety, and mobility rights that leads to economic freedom. It has always promoted the use of bikes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to encourage active transport and smart mobility. 

The top 10  entrants with the highest number of reactions number received Php 1000 and were featured on all social media platforms of FNF Philippines

Snap 1
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Snap-a-route 2
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Bike route 3
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Bike Route 4
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Bike Route 5
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