Prospects and Concerns for Data-Driven Industries


On Friday, May 28th, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the Korea Media Management Association held a special seminar about "Prospects and Concerns for Data-Driven Industries" at the RYSE hotel in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Recently, media users' and consumers' data utilization became hot topics in the algorithmic media environment thanks to AI machine learning. New companies and the traditional industries are using consumer data for marketing, distribution, and new product development.

At first, the use of data seems beneficial to consumers. Still, privacy issues such as concerns about excessive collection and leakage of personal information along with the problem of bias in algorithms were also pointed out during the seminar.

As the event's main presenter, Professor Yun Hyeok Jung from Korea University talked about the spread of data management and the social side effects that come with it.

A discussion moderated by Professor Seong Cheol Kim from Korea University, followed the presentation. The participants were Professor Min Ki Kim from KAIST, Professor Dae Ho Lee from Sungkyunkwan University, Director Dae-won Kim from Kakao Co., lawyer Jin Eun Lee from the Gunwoo Law firm, and also Professor Yo Sub Choi from HUFS. The discussants provided important and diverse opinions, leading to a more complex understanding of the use of data and its side effects.

The event was live-streamed on FNFKorea Facebook Page.

You can watch the video here: