FNF-KLID Seminar on Present and Future of AI

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FNF Korea office and its partner Korea Local Information Development Institute (KLID) jointly held a seminar on “Present and Future of AI: Policies and Cases” as a series of seminars on the 4th Industrial Revolution.

As a follow up of the workshop on the topic in 2019, which covered various aspects of the 4th Industrial Revolution, this seminar focused on the Artificial Intelligence (AI). It aims for participants to learn about how far we have come in terms of AI development, how we can utilize AI in improving public service, and what kind of ecosystem we need to create for fully tapping on the fruit of the technology.

In the presentation session, Joon-hwa Jung, Legislative Researcher of National Assembly Research Service presented South Korea’s policies and legal frameworks to promote AI development, and gave a comprehensive view on where South Korea stands in terms of AI technology, human resources and related investment for the sector, compared with other OECD countries.

Meanwhile, Jung-bae Kim, CEO of Alchera Inc., explained about his company’s AI based products and software that were already successful in the market and well known to the public, to show how the AI could commercially applied for improving quality of our daily life.

After the presentation, two experts on AI also joined to enrich discussions, adding respectively philosophical aspects and AI application in smart city projects; Jong-gyu Kim, Senior Researcher, Hybrid Future Culture Institute Sungkyunkwan University, and Jin A Park, Program Director, Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement.

According to the necessity of holding a non-contact event due to Covid-19, the event was live-streamed on YouTube, with only about 10 audiences on site. With more than 600 pre-registered audiences, many of them watched on YouTube on a real-time base throughout the seminar. They were extremely active in participating in the seminar through the chatroom, asking many questions to experts and discussing among themselves. Due to the time limit, the organizers even provided answers by experts to many unanswered questions after the seminar ended.  

FNF Korea has been working on smart cities and the 4th industrial revolution since 2016. Encouraged by the success seminar organization through Youtube, FNF Korea will try to organize more programs on the topic in the online format.

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