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Sales Strategies: Customer’s Influential Techniques & Covid-19 -JEST 5th Session

We would like to share with you the presentation of Mr. Montaser Abdullatif, a senior business leader in strengthening the private sector in the West bank & Gaza, during JEST’s (Jerusalem Entrepreneurs for Society & Technology) - 5th online session - which was was conducted in cooperation with FNF Jerusalem, and broadcasted simultaneously on Zoom and live on Facebook.

The session was about “Sales Strategies: Customer’s Influential Techniques & Covid-19 Tactics”.
Customers are nowadays more informative, developed, demanding but cautious.Did you know about these sales tactics? These are few tools how stores and shops increase their sales:

• Attractive stuff, goods and offers are always placed on the right hand side upon entering the supermarket because you automatically turn your eyes to the right upon entering.
• Less variety of flavors attracts more.
• Wide isles in a supermarket or shop means more time, more buying as you have more space to stop and maneuver around.
• Stands & baskets with products attract customers.
• Basic items like milk and eggs are always placed in the end shelves of the supermarket so that you walk through the whole supermarket and end up buying things not planned beforehand.
• Usage of visual images not just texts, people usually forget after 24 hours if no visuals were used.
• Eye contact between customers and salespersons.
• Burgers: Big and small – always a must to have medium size to let people choose.

During the Corona crisis, you definitely have asked yourself these questions. Do I really need the product? Is there delivery? Is the product a priority to buy now? Do I have money for it now? These are some of the challenges of customers during this crisis which we are all facing.

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