Spotlight: Women in Southeast Asia

#Female Forward International

Women can shatter the glass ceiling and overcome the glass cliff. These invisible barriers that often hinder women from succeeding in their professions are definitely existent, but not impossible to surmount.

Our Southeast Asia offices analyzed this issue, as societal norms continue to have a heavy impact on the status of women. However, simultaneously many women have also shown that they can conquer obstacles and break stereotypes. 

#FemaleForwardInternational presents different success stories of women worldwide rising above the tide and classic hierarchies – a young woman in Indonesia unintimidated by age and gender; a feisty lady unsilenced by threats in Malaysia; a relentless journalist, educator, and mother in Myanmar; a human rights defender in the Philippines, slaying dragons in local politics; and a compassionate businesswoman in Vietnam, building her company on pillars of kindness. Their achievements and life stories show how organizations, businesses, and communities can thrive when women take on bigger roles. 

While the Global Gender Gap Report 2020 indicates that it will take 99.5 years to achieve gender parity, this does not mean we cannot try to proactively invest in infrastructure that helps to ensure that the next generation of women can have more opportunities to realize their potential. It is important to look at policies that would create space towards empowerment.

Certainly, there is no limit to what women can accomplish. They can step forward and up.

A Rose in the Mountains

Bui Thi Suu

Growing up in one of the poorest rural areas in Vietnam, Bui Thi Suu realized early that education was the best way out of poverty and devoted her youth to studying. With her strong will, determination and her good heart, she became the successful woman she is today.

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