International Women's Day
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The Alliance of Her empowers liberal women to pursue their political ambitions and aims at breaking down barriers that stand in their way. By joining forces, the Alliance of Her fights for a future where women have an equal seat at the decision-making table, where their leadership is valued, and where women politicians can thrive free from prejudice and discrimination.

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The "Alliance of Her" builds on the success of the "European Women's Academy" (2016-2020) and expands the program. Through annual academies, the "Alliance of Her" will offer trainings for talented, aspiring liberal women politicians across Europe. The training program will provide liberal women from Europe with the knowledge and tools to win elections and succeed and excel on the political stage.

In addition, the alumni work of the "European Women's Academy” will be intensified and developed into an influential network. Since the liberal partners of the ALDE Party, the European Liberal Forum (ELF) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation launched the "European Women's Academy" five years ago, the academy has developed into a real talent hub for female politicians in Europe: Numerous graduates are now members of national and regional parliaments or hold mayoral and other political posts. From the class of 2018 alone, four participants were elected to the European Parliament. The "Alliance of Her" wants to use this network of female decision-makers to initiate further measures and support programs, thus increasing representation and diversity in European politics.

As a third pillar, the Alliance of Her will intensify its public outreach and research work to draw attention to the deeper structural, social and cultural norms that allow inequality to persist. Through public events, pan-European campaigns, and evidence-based research, the discourse will evolve away from mere parity efforts toward gender equity at all levels of European politics. Important insights into what barriers actually exist for women in politics and how they could potentially be overcome are outlined in the first Europe-wide study by the “Alliance of Her”, which will be presented on Tuesday afternoon. “We still have a lot to do when it comes to equal representation of women and men in politics," said EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager regarding the findings of the study. "This is a core value for us as liberals and social liberals, and to see it achieved in practice is essential.