Reshaping Europe
Thinking about Europe: Photography Competition

Photo exhibition Thinking about Europe

On the 25th of July, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Thailand Photographic Society of Thailand, King Prajadhipok's Institute, and Happening Mag have collaborated to host a photography contest on the theme “Thinking about Europe”. 

Using a photo contest to examine Thais' perceptions of Europe, we hope to learn more about their thoughts and sentiments.

We asked our participants to send in photographs which may provide answers to the following questions:

  • How do Thai people perceive the role of Europe in the current political climate? 
  • Do we still see Europe as a strong economic and democratic leader who upholds liberal values around the world 
  • Are Thai people still interested in the future of Europe? 
Thinking about Europe Photo Contest

In total, FNF Thailand received more than 500 submissions. The array of pictures illustrated European influence on Thai architecture, religion and the economy - but they also depict values that are associated with Europe.

Although the following pictures only give a snapshot of how Thai people think about Europe - we can deduce that Europe is seen as a place with a high quality of life, diversity and tolerance. However, there is a sense that the radiance of this continent is fading. Instead of modern architecture, many submitted pictures were of decades-old buildings. Instead of modern technology, several participants submitted pictures of steam locomotives which were brought to Thailand more than hundred years ago.

The photography contest gave a poignant and insightful perspective of how Thailand views Europe as a whole. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation would like to thank all of the participants who have submitted their photographs to us. 

Our winner is a picture of a marching band by Mr. Thanawat Thongchan. 

Our 11 Honorable Mention Awards goes to:

  • Green World by Nilrat Wannasin, M.D.
  • The Church in Thailand by Chirarit Thiplui
  • The Reflection of Culture by Chatchai Suppai
  • The Shadow of the God Eros Sitting on a Baroque-Style House by Pornphon Wuthikraikalya
  • Thai style and European style by Chaitat Meephan
  • Sports Culture by Kirikhan Chaiyaporn
  • Human Rights Khirikhan Chaiyaporn
  • United in diversity by Teerajate Klangnurak
  • The era by Phonrit Thitiwaritthinan
  • Iconsiam by Tarathep Lomchid
  • Antique Steam Locomotive at Bangkok Railway Station by Rachen Wongperk