Elections in Germany
Germany 2021 Parliamentary Elections: Podcast Series

© Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom South Caucasus

Introducing a series of podcasts on the history of the German political system and its pre-election challenges. The podcasts also cover the following topics: the pre-election campaign of the leading German political parties and their chances in the elections, the foreign policy visions of the main German parties and the prospects of Georgian-German relations, and the evaluation of the German parliamentary elections.

The project is organised by the Georgian language media platform of international politics realpolitika.ge and supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom South Caucasus.

Podcasts are in Georgian


1. Lasha Bakradze - https://www.facebook.com/RPolitika/videos/558648065287877

2. Antoni Kokaia - https://www.facebook.com/RPolitika/videos/913334052899060

3. Gigi Gigiadze - https://www.facebook.com/RPolitika/videos/606011433739064

4. Maia Panjikidze - https://www.facebook.com/RPolitika/videos/369195408324713

5. Hubert Knirsch - https://www.facebook.com/RPolitika/videos/170015228645604