What can be done to counter Fake News?

An analysis by Dr. Philipp Müller and Nora Denner
What can be done to counter fake news?

Fake news is a phenomenon as old as human history. Fake news can take many forms. While news satire stems from more mainstream sources like TV shows and satire websites and is readily distinguishable, other forms of fake news like propaganda, image manipulation, paid news and fabricated news are much harder to identify and propagate on the wings of their audience.

However, the way the term “fake news” is currently used in social discourse – and in much academic research inspired by the discourse – runs counter to these definitions. All types of “problematic”, media-distributed content is called fake news nowadays. Its’ impact cannot be understated. It has fundamentally changed the nature & culture of social discourse both, online, and offline.

The analysis by Dr. Philipp Müller and Nora Denner defines fake news, explores its creation, proliferation and impact. It especially analyzes the German NetzDG law in light of the impact that deletion of fake news has on the various stakeholders, especially the audience.

You can download the publication here.