Call for proposals
Call for Proposal for Documentary Photographers

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FNF Logo South Asia


The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is an international non-profit organization promoting the ideas of liberal democracy, respect for human rights, good governance, economic freedom, and digital transformation.

Europe and South Asia at first glance do not seem to have much in common. Look again though and you will see many shared characteristics. It is our endeavor to make these shared characteristics visible and contribute to a more nuanced understanding of both regions in an effort to highlight both regions’ rich and enriching diversity and heterogeneity, democratic heritage, and decades-long commitment to promoting and interest in protecting the global rule-based order among other things.

These shared characteristics become tangible at national borders. The Regional Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) in New Delhi is looking for a documentary photographer, who can capture these characteristics at borders and border crossings in Europe and South Asia.


  • Proposed plan for shooting the assignment with timelines
  • High-quality color-corrected and edited photos in landscape and portrait orientation
  • Short description/ supporting text along with the photos
  • Consultation on the diary design in close co-operation with FNF and designer
  • Deliverables should be submitted within two weeks after the whole shoot

The selected photographers in consultation with one another as well as with FNF will finalize the list of places (5-8 in each region) to be captured. Shooting should conclude within a month after finalizing the list.


  • The photographer must have relevant work experience in the field
  • The photographer must own high-quality equipment
  • The photographer must have experience in shooting in sensitive locations
  • Relevant training/education
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines


Please send us your proposal, references, and portfolio along with your honorarium expectations by 30.01.2023 at FNF reserves the right to select several photographers depending on location and travel/visa requirements. Only selected people will be contacted.