North Korea
North Korea's Past Decade under Kim Jong-un's Rule and What the Future Holds


North Korea’s Past Decade under Kim Jong-un’s rule

On the 2nd November at 1:30 pm, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in close collaboration with the Institute for Eastern Studies of Kyungnam University (IFES) held a webinar on “North Korea’s Past Decade under Kim Jong-un’s rule and what the future holds”. Over 500 participants registered for the event and simultaneous translation in English was provided. The webinar was structured into two sessions, both chaired by Dr. Kwan Sei Lee, the Director of IFES. A discussion round of 15 minutes followed at the end of every presentation.

The first session included three presentations that focused on the evaluation and outlook of North Korea under Kim Jong-un. Dr. Ahn Kyungmo, from the Korea National Defense University presented the ideological changes and the grant strategy in the Kim Jong-un era. This topic was followed by a presentation on the evaluation and prospect of North Korea’s Normal State strategy. Dr. Prof. Jeon Young-Sun, a research professor at the Institute of Humanities for Unification at Konkuk University, concluded the first session with an assessment of North Korea’s strategy of social control.

During the second session, four presentations shed light on the DPRK military, Foreign Relations, and Inter-Korean Relations. The audience showed particular interest in the presentations on North Korea’s foreign relations. Dr. Prof. Shin Bong Sup, a visiting professor from Kwangwoon University, outlined the North Korea- China relations during Kim Jong-un's presidency. Dr. Prof. Park Won Gon, an associate Professor from Ewha University, evaluated the US-North Korea relationship over the last ten years. Another presentation dealt with the changes in the KPA military power and role. Lastly, Dr. Cheong Seoung-Chang, the director of the Center for Korean Studies, assessed the last decade of the Kim Jong-un regime’s South Korea Policy and its future prospects.

Overall, the event provided an in-depth policy evaluation of North Koreas strategies over the last decade and helped to gain a deeper understanding of strategy shifts that have occurred. We thank everyone who participated in this interesting event.

Session 1

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Session 2

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