FNF-CLA Domestic Seminar on Business Ethics

fnf korea

On July 23, FNF Korea in cooperation with the Center for Local Autonomy at Hanyang University held a seminar on “Collaborative Business Ethics and Successful Cases on Cluster”. The seminar aims to discuss ways to improve corporate competiveness to tackle organizational and management challenges coming from the 4th Industrial Revolution by sharing academic research and business experiences.

Prof. Min-su Kim, Hanyang University presented on CSR and Business ethics, where he introduced a concept of “Procedural Justice” to explain the impact of the external activities for corporate social responsibilities on the attitude of its employees. He argued that a fair-decision-making process within an organization is necessary for a corporate’s CSR activities’ to positively affect job attitude/job engagement of its internal employees, which may result in improving a corporate’s competitiveness.

Meanwhile, Byeong-ki Lee, CEO of Daemo Engineering shared the case of Daemo Engineering to explain how a successful mini cluster could be tapped on to improve the productivity and reduce business risk of Daemo Engineering.

Following the presentations, participants most of whom are from the business sectors continued to have lively discussions by sharing their own field experiences, which allowed them to get an even deeper insight into the topic.